Business Essentials

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Learn where your money goes and how to make sense of it.

Business Essentials is an MLA Profitable Grazing Systems course. This training package is designed to take the business skills of livestock producers to the next level. It builds on the knowledge gained in earlier training programs, such as MLA’s Business EDGE.

Participants will learn how to conduct detailed business analysis to help drive profit and productivity and to have greater control over their business. It is also designed to better prepare producers for dealing with accountants, banks, lending institutions and government authorities.

What you will learn

  • the fundamentals of good bookkeeping
  • how to calculate accurately your gross profit, gross margins, and net profit to understand performance
  • how to use a cash flow budget and monitor monthly cash flow
  • how to implement your own financial management system.

Designed to be delivered in five group sessions and one follow-up one-on-one session, this package can be delivered over five consecutive days or over two weeks or if need be, because of geographic location or trainer preference, over a longer period. 

Participants work with their own data on their own devices to ensure relevance to their business. 

Workshop Details:

If you would like to take part in Business Essentials please contact Tanisha on 0499 638 447.

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