Client Packages

NEW: Benchmarking with Mates

If you've ever wondered what your mates are doing differently in their business, then consider our Benchmarking with Mates package. 

Benchmarking with Mates allows you to form a benchmarking group with between 4 and 10 farming friends. It doesn’t matter where group members are located or what their enterprise mix is. In fact, the greater the diversity the greater the insights. This is an opportunity to create a group with people you trust to foster a positive environment of support, motivation, and learning. We think this concept will contribute to better knowledge transfer, improved operating performance, and faster business growth.

Call John Francis on 0427 259 005 to find out more or to start your own group. Details in the link below.

Farm Performance Assessment

Agrista client services start with the farm performance assessment. 

The farm performance assessment is the starting point that allows Agrista consultants to understand the business, enterprises and systems. Opportunities are identified by assessing the outputs in relation to the resource constraints.

Financial performance is calculated using the metrics for the whole farm, per unit area (hectare) and per unit of livestock production (per DSE).

Farm performance benchmarking is the comparison of financial and farm productivity measures of an individual farm against a pooled data set of other farms. 

The value in benchmarking farm performance against other businesses is in identifying opportunities for improvements in profitability and productivity.

Agrista has invested heavily in delivering a consistent methodology that is widely accepted as the industry standard for collecting data and reporting farm performance measures that matter. The key performance indicators (KPI’s) used give a quantifiable measure of the business’s performance.

Agrista has demonstrated expertise in interpreting the farm performance and productivity measures to deliver profitable and productive business solutions.

The Agrista team have over 15 years’ experience in analysing and interpreting benchmarking results with client benchmarking performance data over time demonstrating the value of identifying and implementing change.

Key strengths of Agrista's expertise in farm performance assessment include:

  • rigorous methodology developed to assess and report farm performance measures.
  • understanding the system and its influence on simplicity, productivity and profitability.
  • optimising the efficiency of scarce resources including capital, feedbase and human resources.
  • ability to contextualise and interpret the information to deliver value.