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Farm Leasing 
for Business Growth

'We want to purchase a farm, but we can't quite get there at the moment."

This course has been developed to assist in answering the question:
"Is farm leasing a sensible growth strategy for my business?"
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Leasing can be an entry step toward land ownership, a expansion strategy for established farmers and a farming business model in it’s own right. The best performers can struggle in a leasing situation if they fail to understand the key investment principles and how they relate to their own farming business.

This course is for those who want to get ahead of the game - Learn about the investment principles of leasing land to improve farm profitability.

Understand these Essential Concepts:

How to approach a lease, how to look at an agreement and how to establish if it is worth pursuing

Main motivations of the landlord

How much to pay for a lease

Leasing vs buying

How to use the tools to assess opportunities and make the best decisions for you

The desirable attributes of a good tenant

How to pitch a winning proposal

What landlords want

Why tenure matters

Inside our course you will find what you need to help you make the right decisions

Farm leasing tool - online

Links to relevant industry information

Due diligence score card - crop

Course notes

Due diligence score card - livestock

Exercises to reinforce key concepts

Recorded video tutorials

What other leading farmers say

Course Structure


Defining key terms and talking the same language


Understanding why pricing and value is specific to your circumstance


How does a change in operating scale change business efficiency?


The value of increased production to the tenant and to the landlord


Communications, terms and processes that help in delivering success


Tools and scenario analysis for framing financial decisions around leasing

Course Presenter

John Francis of Agrista explains why he developed the Farm Leasing course.

There has been a huge demand for information about leasing land as it offers a lower-cost entry to farming when compared with land ownership. Leasing information is hard to find and learning by trial and error is expensive.

The Farm Leasing course helps those who are looking to lease but don’t know how to proceed. Farm Leasing for Business Growth gives farmers the knowledge to make decisions based on their own individual circumstances and the opportunities available to them and set a strategy for business success.

The pathway for growth can be complex. Capital constraints, seasonal and market volatility and existing farm business performance are all factors that influence the financial outcome. Leasing, purchasing land, or intensifying are all options for growth but knowing the best option is the challenge, and it takes time to work it out.


Having worked in production agronomy and in farm business management consultancy for 30 years several attributes of profitable farm business managers stand out:

They are well-prepared, they plan for growth and when the opportunities turn up, they act quickly.

You will leave this course with an increased understanding of the financial components that drive success, some tips on negotiating points with landlords and greater confidence in setting a price that works for you.

Investing in your own knowledge and skill development will allow you to navigate lease negotiations and pricing in line with your own business performance and personal values.

Course Access

You will access the videos, tools and learning materials via AgriFocused’s secure online platform.

This course is taught using the side-by-side method where video can be played on a tablet or phone and the exercises are undertaken concurrently on your computer. Working on a computer you are familiar with makes sense. In the privacy of your own office, with access to your own data, you can apply your new knowledge straight away.



The course is 6 modules, all delivered via an online portal. Upon sign up, you will be sent an email with instructions on how to log in and begin learning more about leasing profitably!

This course is being hosted by online training provider, AgriFocused, you will see their name and details on the course portal and be able to contact them directly if you have any issues accessing the course material. 

Yes, you will need an internet connection. Our portal is an online portal, with video content and downloadable. You will need a stable connection to access these.

However, we know what it’s like. If you sign up and your internet is not up to the task, get in touch - we will be able to work something out.

How you approach the Farm Leasing for Business Growth online course is your choice. You can complete the whole thing on a rainy day, do a module a week for 6 weeks, or just choose the parts that are relevant to you, as your season progresses. Feel free to make a start when you are feeling enthused and have some time on your hands. If things get busy you can leave it for a bit, and if the opportunity to finish it off comes after vintage/shearing/weaning/harvest/seeding/teething baby/school holidays, that’s fine. You have lifetime access to the course and resources.

Yes, a Tax Invoice will be emailed to you upon payment.

This course has been presented in workshop format to hundreds of producers across a variety of industries around Australia. Though the concepts we discuss are similar to those taught at university, you do not have to be academically gifted to understand it. The video content is easy to follow, even in the paddock if your internet connection is good enough. If you want to further explore particular concepts in greater depth, we provide additional reading material and links to other sources of information. 

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With in depth knowledge applicable across regions and industries, you will love this course.


Farm Leasing Workshop


Six Modules
Templates and tools to use on your farm now including:

  • Agrista Due Diligence Scorecard for cropping leases
  • Agrista Due Diligence Scorecard for livestock leases
  • Agrista lease pricing analysis
  • Tool containing:
    • Operating profit analysis
    • Summary of balance sheet and assets managed
    • Key performance indicators and ratios
    • Assessment of wealth created over the lease term

Step-by-Step Training Videos
Lifetime Access